Smart Drugs- What are they and do they really work?


Smart drugs like Adrafinil and Modafinil seem to be all the rage lately. From college students to soccer moms, everybody is looking to pop a pill that will automatically turn them into Einstein. MTV even did a “True Life” episode on the effects of smart drugs recently.

Honestly, most of the crap being sold in stores like GNC and Amazon is garbage. They are just placebo pills tricking you into thinking you are getting smarter. The only exception is Adrafinil. This supplement really does boost energy and causes a noticeable increase in concentration and focus. You can buy Adrafinil online or locally, but I prefer the lower prices online shops seem to offer. What do you think?

What’s Big In Fitness?

Hi there! I’ve been working out for almost twenty years and you know what people keep asking me? ‘Hey man… how did you get so big?’ So instead of stopping and talking to every guy who asks me this question… and there’s a lot… I’m gonna write everything down in this blog. Now there’s too much to cover in one entry… so be sure to check back regularly.

To start with… most people say they wanna get big but actually what they’re asking me is this ‘Hey man… how did you get so big… how can I get that big without lifting a weight?’ This really pisses me off. Do you know how hard I work to look like this? I’m in the gym every day. It doesn’t matter if I’m ill, tired, hungry, you name it — i’m in the gym. If i’m away from home, the first thing I do is find a gym, I figure out a route and I plan my days. If you want to be big like me… you have to be committed. Not just say that you’re committed, you actually have to be committed. So stop bitching, get off your ass and lift some weight!

Once you’ve got your mindset sorted you should be in good shape to continue. Next up — food. You have to eat the correct stuff and you have to eat lots of it… all the time. Seriously — it sounds easier than it is and will take a little while for you to get used to… but I eat two whole chickens a day and about a kilo of rice. Yeah… you need to eat that much… stop bitchin’ and get over it.

Supplements — they’re not a cheat. You cant count on them to produce gains alone. If you try… you’ll make yourself ill and you’re likely to lose weight… don’t do it. Instead, I use supplements if I’m traveling or otherwise unable to eat what I need to on a given day. I NEVER use supplements to replace the food I eat.

There are a tonne of supplements you can use and my advice is to focus on the mind as much as the body. Adrafinil is a good one to check out… you can find it most places, just ask around or look online. Next up — find a gym with body builders in it — simple. Make friends and find a training partner. You’ll realize gains much quicker by partnering with someone who looks like what you want to look like.

Next… hit it hard! I mean real hard! Give every session everything you got! Keep going, never quite and THINK BIG